Why is (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Crucial For Your Website Rankings?

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization is Crucial for Your Website Rankings. Without the proper SEO strategy, you will not rank on Google and other search engines. You can have the most beautiful and functional website in the world and without the proper SEO techniques your on-line strategy will fail!

The most important factor when building and designing a new website is using proper seo strategy. Your seo strategy should begin with the website build phase and should be a integrate part of your development. If you wish to obtain natural traffic and higher rankings with Google and other search engines, seo should play a key factor.

What is SEO and why do you need it?

(SEO) Search engine optimization is the technique which helps increase visibility of a web page, website and the search engines. There are two types of SEO, on-site and off-site SEO and in this article, we are going to focus on on-site SEO. Have you ever heard the term “content is King”? Well in the eyes of Google content is king and it is the most important factor for you on-site SEO.

What are the best seo practices?

SEO starts with writing and creating unique rich keyworded content that is relevant to your business, product, trade or niche. Google loves fresh exclusive content that is well written and passes Google’s copyscape. We highly recommend that you hire an expert to write rich keyworded content or that you hire an SEO writer to proof read and edit your content. You can find some great SEO writers on https://www.fiverr.com and companies on the web.

Another great practice is writing blog post about your specialty or your products. Sharing your knowledge or your products a great way to gain backlinks from other websites and social media accounts. Others have found success writing about products or even reviewing other products, this can get you attention and is a great way to build a following. This is an excellent way to help booth off-site SEO.

Why are Images so important for a strong SEO strategy?

Images are an important part of SEO and can generate good natural traffic to your website. Google loves unique images and an image can speak a thousand words for your business or products. It is always important to take clear professional images for your content and the more unique the better. One of the first mistakes I see other webmasters make is not naming the images in a seo friendly manner.

Step 1: Name your images properly!
A good example would be naming your image your-business-name-nowhere-alabama.jpg versus yh8376299.jpg.

Step 2: Fill your image meta data
Go into your WordPress media library after you upload your images and fill out your image meta. Seo friendly image data is essential for your image to be displayed in google images. Sometimes you may get lucky and get your image picked up by Bing and featured, and this my friend will give you a nice boost in traffic back to your site.

Fill out:

Alt Text (we like to use this to pull information on the image to some social sites)
Disable Default Image Links or link them to your page instead of the attachment page.

Image size:
Image size is very important for your website’s performance and speed. The larger your images are in your website the slower your site will load and the slower the load, the lower the rankings. Remember it is not just about seo rankings, but it is also about user experience as well. Nobody enjoys going to a website and it is taking forever to load and seeing an ugly blank screen while loading, we have seen websites that took 20 seconds to load on mobile and some 10 seconds or more on desktop. In college a pressor I had would always say “Keep it simple stupid” in this case we say “Keep it fast stupid” remember the faster it loads the faster it sells.

How do you create an SEO friendly Image experience for your website?

Use common sense, a good practice for seo optimized images is to keep your images within a reasonable size. If you have a slider on your homepage, I would never go over 1920 wide and never too tall. If your slider is 600px tall be sure your images are no taller unless you plan on using a parallax background. For any reason in the world, never upload images that are just ridiculously huge. When I say ridiculously huge bad seo images, I am talking about images that are like 10,000px by 4000px, we have seen it. We have seen websites where they would have hundreds of images that were this large, and their website had serious loading problems. Also, when you use lazy loading for galleries and sliders!

There are design and development techniques that will help with you with image load time. There is no reason in the world you should have to wait and wait for your website to load. One method we like to use is create a different slider for large and medium devices and one for small devices. We will use the smaller images for mobile for much faster load times. We also like to compress our images before we load them to the website to reduce the image file size, this will give you a great boost in your image load time. We love to use A popular technique we see also is to use smaller images in sliders with an overlay, sometimes that blown-up small image has a nice feel and effect!

Here are some great resources to help you optimize your images for SEO
Subtlepatterns.com (great for finding some smaller repeating background patterns, if it is a texture there is no need for a large image!)
tile.toyls.com (great for testing your own background repeating image)
tinypng.com (Our favorite site for compressing images, it does such a great job and reduces files size while retaining quality)
https://tools.pingdom.com and https://gtmetrix.com ( are both great for finding loading issues and image loading time)

Sometimes you may need an image for a project int he development stage or you just need an image that you can’t take or have access to. In this this case we highly recommend https://pixabay.com/ or https://www.pexels.com/r for royalty free images.

What is the best practice for handling SEO friendly videos?

In most cases hosting your videos is just a bad idea unless you have a few small short videos. Most of the time we recommend you host your videos on a service like YouTube or Vimeo. Having your videos offsite can help reduce the size of content in your hosting account. Not only will it free up your hosting space but you can harness traffic off the video platforms to direct to your website for a boost in SEO.

Is web page hierarchy important for your SEO?

No doubt the experts agree that web page hierarchy is necessary for SEO as well for user experience. Are you having doubts? Just google “web page hierarchy for seo” and you will see tons of articles from the experts explaining how hierarchy effects SEO. When you google you will find Neil Patel is #1 (a must read)–> https://neilpatel.com/blog/site-structure-enhance-seo . If you compared Neil Patel to a heavy weight, he would be the Muhammad Ali of the on-line marketing world.

Use the right tool for your page’s SEO meta data

We use Yoast on all out websites because of the options available. Yoast allows you setup all your meta data on your pages and post as well options for Add Open Graph meta data for your website. There is no doubt Yoast is a great tool to help manage SEO aspects of your website, there is a reason over 5 million websites use yoast for SEO.

Why hosting is important for SEO

Having a great hosting company for your website will give you the best opportunity for a faster loading website. Keep in mind however that if your website is sluggish and has issues, even the best host in the world is not going to improve your load speed. On the other hand, if you have a super optimized website that load super-fast and you have a terribly slow host, you are indeed in trouble.

We could spend weeks writing about SEO techniques that will improve your campaign and help drive natural traffic to your website. So, stay tuned for suture articles about the best SEO practices for your website. While other companies strive for #1  in the ranking we strive for position 0!

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